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Thursday, April 20, 2006
  Brie Larson Answers Our Questions

Teenpop singer and movie actress Brie Larson
( answers questions from her fans
(the name of her album is "Out of P.E.," which will put one of her answers
here into perspective):

Q: 1. why are you so spectacular? 2. can you buy a private jet and save me
from florida? I think the elderly people are coming to get me.

A: 1.) i took classes from lindsay lohan. but they involved drugs and
drinking, so I failed. 2.) if I had a hammer, i'd hammer in the morning, i'd
hammer in the eve'nin, all over this land.

Q: Are you excited about turning 17 this year?

A: i'm more excited about not turning 16.

Q: Where do you get the inspiration to be a song-writer and by being an
artist (design)?

A: i dont get inspiration. I dont really know why I write about certain
things, or why I dont write about certain things. I dont really "write"
about anything. its all pish posh.

Q: So first of all i would like to ask. will you come to my house and disco
with me and my brother in the nude? Secondly. being serious and all. WHEN.
and i mean it. are you my dear, going to come to england.

A: I was in England yesterday! didnt you know? I was dressed as ringo star
and I yelled things like "NAY NAY NAY"

Q: will you sing happy birthday to me on friday? i'll be 19.

A: happy birthday Mr. president.

Q: Okay. i've got three questions. 1. do you have any pets? If so, what are
there and what are their names? 2. Have you ever watched Veronica Mars? If
not, you should. 3. Have you ever traveled overseas? if so, whats your fave
place you've been and why? p.s. Do you love it?

A: (uno) yes. simon's dawgs. and unicorn. (something) i lost my remote
(tres) i was riding on the mayflower, when I thought I spotted some land.

Q: brie!!!!!!!! will you come and chill with captain nicnic in hard rock
cafe london and bathe in baked beans? you know you wanna


Q: what is your fav. sport and why??

A: is that a trick question?

Q: have you ever wondered what your life would be like without the music,
the movies, and the fans?

A: yes. and then I remember that I would live the same life.

Q: 1. What is the best Bob Dylan CD? 2. Have you seen Transamerica? 3. Do
you think Reese Witherspoon should have got best actress?

A: 1.) my favorite is Highway 61 revisted. but they are all amazing. 2.)
nope. 3.) i thought she did win? am i going out of my mind? I saw walk the
line the day it came out, at midnight. LOVE IT.

Q: yes, she did question is do you think she deserved it or should
someone else have got it. =]

Q: what is ur biggest wish??? :)

A: to be a character at disneyland. mostly Ariel.

Q: if you could live in any decade which decade would you choose?

A: SIMPLE. the 60s. no doubt.

Q: Do you remember going to a school called Pioneer Middle in South Florida
to talk about you're movie Hoot (April 3rd)?

A: PIONEER MIDDLE SCHOOL GIVES A HOOT. i hope cookies and cream/salt and
pepper have been feed lots of cheetos and crickets.

Q: Where'd you get your networking skills?

A: from many years of working in the netting industry.

Q: Do you want to go see the musical Wicked with me.

A: can I be in the musical?

Q: What event from your life would make the best cartoon scene? Pirates:
cool or overrated?

A: once I chased a road runner. i tried to drop an anvil on her head. but it
fell on me instead. i think that would work great as a cartoon. the best
part was that I was dressed as a coyote! how random right?! right. pirates
are overreated. I AM THE WARRIOR.

Q: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Why is
the sky blue?

A: those are highly controversial question. mostly ones I cannot answer. but
I will say this. "is it safe to say C'mon C'mon? was it right to leave?
c'mon c'mon. will I ever learn? c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon"

Q: do you like mooses? that is a weird word. mooses.

A: i once owned a bear that wore a dragon costume, named moose. so. to
answer your question. i hope mooses suck.

Q: How long does it take you to come up with all the banter you churn out? I
mean seriously, it has to be the most random irrelevant stuff I've ever
read. I guess though that is the mystery that is Brie Larson....

A: i bought the Do-it-yourself DVD.

Q: should my mum let me get my lip pierced?

A: YES. and it should be in the shape of the letter B.

Q: Do You Like Panic! at the disco? and do you think billie joe armstrong is

A: i would say no, but only because when I hear their music or just their
name...I get this sudden urge to break my left arm and stick a fork in my
eye? billie joe armstrong is in green day. your answer is right there.

Q: What does celestial mean?

A: read a book. maybe its in there.


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