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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
  Ten Quick Shots to the Dome: November 1.
1. On the new George Clinton Presents the P.Funk All-Stars album entitled How Late Do You Have 2BB4UR Late? (bought it for $16 bucks, we had an email coupon for Borders, jaja suckaz), there is a nine-minute version of "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" featuring Bobby Womack. The song ends up as a medley of 1950s songs; at one point George sings "Let's go to the motherfuckin' hop." This is the greatest moment of music for me this year, or ever.

2. My son's favorite musical artist is the Four Tops. He is seven years old.

3. I have not heard most of the records everyone's talking about on ILM as their favorite of the year. I'm a little afraid to hear the Hold Steady because I'm afraid I'd like them. Otherwise: ugh. Indie white-guy stuff that I haven't been interested in since I renounced Blur. OMG SO CORNY!

4. I will have at least two Brazilian records in my top ten this year (Curumin, Badi Assad), maybe four (Heloisa Fernandes, Cabruera). I will have at least two Mexican records in my top ten this year (Natalia LaFourcade, Kobol), maybe four (Banda el Recodo, Ezequiel Pena).

5. Trying to read Frank Kogan's new book, but keep putting down my advance copy because I WAS FRANK KOGAN, except I was born about eight years later and three time zones westerlier. But it's all there: the relationship to music, the poetry of young revolutionaryism, the funky despair that leads to brilliant insight (well, Frank really IS kinda brilliant as a kid, I was just our town's functional equivalent). It's painful but it's awesome like an opossum and my teeth, I don't floss 'em.

6. Sorry, spaced out there for a second, the Bucks just came back to beat the Sixers in OT in the first game of the year. AW HELLS YEAH. On the other hand, it looks like Nene has already messed up his knee. My fantasy hoops team, the Parisian Nightsuits, is already screwed. (I hope you know where that name comes from.)

7. I voted for L.L. Cool J's Radio as my #1 album of the 1980s in that ILM poll, and Prince's "When Doves Cry" as my #1 song. I'll post more of my list if anyone cares.

8. Nice capsule review of Stevie's A Time 2 Love in the Village Voice. That last track is huge, with all the different percussionists going off all over it.

9. I spent last night doing laundry and dishes while listening to the entirety of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814. How has everyone forgotten how dope this thing was? And who was it that said that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were the world's greatest band that year? (And if anyone knows where a fellow can find that butt bongo video, hook me up.)

10. I miss cruising. When the hell else am I going to listen to Foreigner?
I saw Bobby Womack recently. He did a vegas-like medley approach to his music. I need to get some of his older material. Dude played with Sam Cooke and others and has put many critic fave cds out through the '80s.

Have you heard Maria Rita from Brazil. Straightforward samba and bossa nova...Not innovative but well done...-Steve K.
1. I've got an EP around here somewhere, on which P.Funk plays this sort-of rockabilly with gospel-associated feel (the rollier gospel, not the uptempo). They're with Johnny Powers, I think? Some old rockabilly, he's good too. Schoolkids Records,the Michigan store (maybe the main store in that chain, if there is there still is such a chain?) put it out on their own label. 2) The difference between country r&b and non-country r&b is the diff between "It's All Over Now" and "I Can Understand It." The former should be on CMT's Top Twenty rat now, and the latter seems perfectly at home on Nicky Siano's proto-disco comp. (Finally heard it on some *good* speakers, and realized Bobby was playing his guitar way before he asks our permission!) He did "Lookin' For A Love" doowop with the Valentinos, and J.Geils Band did it sub-Stonesy (Peter Wolf not as good at that as Steven Tyler.) So mebbe somebody could finesse that as country, like Delbert or Toby, and could prob do that to "I Can Understand It," but "It's All Over Now" is country now!2)You might wanna try reading around in Frank's book, back and forth; that can work better, in my experience. (It's freaky to me because I've already read most of this at one time or another over many years, so to have it all pop up out of the ground at once is kind of Day Of Judgement, so I read fwd to the stuff written just for the book, which of course I haven't read, so at least *that's* not like the Ghost of Why Music Sucks Past) 3) Separation Sunday is about feckless urban hick teens, more like East Plunkett Mall Record Town than Borders (they're the kind that get chased out of Borders). Compassionate and funny and even witty in its use of retro; these are lives in retro, as America slides further into boonies. Not witty at expense of characters, cos obviously it's also an excuse to play the music Hold Steady digs! (Like Drive-By Truckers in that respect, as well as grubby thematics) Of course I can't guarantee you'll like it, but could send you my promo (maybe).
Ah, I should not tease! Yes, will send promo, if you send postal o course

Craig Finn of the Hold Steady's Springsteen meets Mark E Smith meets Van Morrison monotone chant style bugs me after awhile. I know that is sacriligious to say in rock-critic circles...His band's retro bar band guitar doesn't wow me either.

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