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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Rollie's Top Ten Most Uncharacteristic Songs From 2004:
The Wreckoning

hey, this is my first foray into this collective, so let's do a list says my brain. this thing has songs that are mostly from 2004 but some of which are not. yeah, pal. it's stuff that for random reasons, i might not have liked at all in 2003.

10. Franz Ferdinand "Michael"
being someone who is actually not gay, this is about the peak of my less-than-eternal-flame. i hear this song and think that maybe if the feather boa i put on has racing stripes, it might just mean i'm aggro-flamboyant. aggro-flambo sounds like a greek meal with flamingo in it.

9. Dizzee Rascal "Give U More"
did you know that there was a short period in late 2002-early 2003 where i couldn't stand dizzee rascal? i don't really remember why. i might've just been sick of hearing about this guy everywhere or something. i had only heard 'fix up' and i was like 'it's alright, but put your pants on'. it clicked when i first heard 'cut em off' in a record store. from then on, i'm super fan all of a sudden.

8. The Fiery Furnaces "Quay Cur"
it's not that i wouldn't normally like it or something. it's just i was totally taken aback by how powerfully this album smashed me.

7. Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell "Drop It Like It's Hot"
if you were to tell me last year that snoop would make one of his personal top three all-time singles in 2004, i might've actually pissed right in your mouth. i'm seriously a wild savage and i'm known to do that sort of shit, especially when talking about singles.

6. Lil' Wayne "Cash Money Millionaires"
i was never one of those indie rap-crits who got into cash money and decided that their rampant opulence was sort of a subversive message about the failings of commercial rap's self-destructive mechanism. i hate when people do that. i just thought they were all shitty rappers and that the beats were a little too bright for my tastes. but mannie 'money' fresh, who said to moog out and fucking CRASH THE PARTY, dude? i heard this in a car ride to norfolk looking for homecoming parties and it magnified the windows-down head nod several fold. THIS JACKET THESE SHOES DON'T COME OUT THIS YEAR 'go dj' is great too.

5. Ludacris "Number One Spot"
i hate songs that are a bad idea and i hate songs that are outdated. this song is actually both. it samples the austin powers theme and this album came out like a month ago. now, chris 'really fucking short in person' bridges, what makes you think i want to hear you do this stupid song in 2004, when tonedeff DESTROYS the same sample and idea and was supposed to be on the actual soundtrack for one of the films a few months ago? well, actually, turns out your incredible delivery and the great chop-and-go southern hi-hat shit from dj green lantern (how unforeseen) works like a solid song. please get more timbaland. thx xo roland

4. Brandy "I Tried"
while watching a brandy video with my sister a couple years ago, i once told her that not only would i kick brandy out of bed, but if i were in a situation where i could do it, i'd kick her out of a plane. i think she's actually pretty awful at singing, has contrived lyrics/songwriters and is a total no-talent. but this song is a burner!@!! obviously, timbaland supplies a genius beat that melds sample, synth and what i can assume is live orchestra for an insanely textured, nuanced production. this same guy can make beats like this and then drop some pretty one-note shit like 'the potion' by ludacris. whatever.

3. Joanna Newsom "Peach, Plum, Pear"
rollie in 2003: "holy shit, how did this witch fly into my stereo? GET IT OUT"
rollie in 2004: "hey brandon, you gotta hear this witch that plays the harp, it's pretty fucking awesome"

2. Billy Joel "Movin' Out"
It's a funny story, actually. I originally only got it to figure out what the sample from Cam'ron and Juelz Santana's "U Oughta Know" was saying. Now I've vowed to make it my karaoke standard. 'He's trading in his Chevy for a Cadillacacacacaacacac!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

1. Kate Bush "Boobushka"
I got this song because ILM said that hip hop loves Kate Bush and because i love hip hop and Russian terminalogy, i gave it a run. pretty cool song. i sampled it and i have sung it pretty loudly in the past year. the song is a weird idea though. sending scented letters, showing up and stuff, fake names, it's all manipulative and the husband would have to be a dumb ass to be tricked into all this.
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